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Building a Sustainable Future

EPC, Trade, & Project Finance Advisory

Leading Clients Into The 21st Century of Engineered Finance  


The OTAI risk and financial advisory team carry over 120 years of combined experience as risk analysts, bank commodity traders, project underwriters, political risk insurance brokers, project owners, operators, and equity investors.


Our technical team is devoted to managing the geopolitical, counter-party, contract performance, and force majeure risks associated with facilitating and financing complex trades, major infrastructure, frontier businesses, heavy equipment fabrication, aviation operators, shipbuilders, port operators, large scale EPC's, and everything energy - conventional or renewable.


OTAI operates exclusively as an extension to our client's risk management, treasury, finance, and legal departments, to structure, implement and administer a suite of customized non-payment & political risk mitigation, export & project risk management, and trade finance solutions, to facilitate and protect a client's commercial contracts, capital & infrastructure projects, investments, and supply chain risks with a focus on challenging markets throughout Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia.



We operate in any jurisdiction other than those on the United Nations, United States, and European Union sanctions list. OTAI specializes in frontier markets that typically require ECA support or newly designed bespoke financing schemes.

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About OTAI

OTAI Capital Limited is a boutique trade, export, finance, and business development advisory firm committed to assisting its clients with risk management in the global marketplace. Our principal goal is to increase our client's business by engineering and implementing insurance, trade, and specialized finance structures on their behalf.


OTAI provides financial support services to companies involved in international trade and major infrastructure. We offer assistance with all aspects of Trade Finance, Institutional Debt, Countertrade, Credit, ECA, and DFI programs. We work closely with the executive structure of private and government organizations to design comprehensive finance programs that reflect the goals of our clients, resulting in new avenues of revenue with dramatically increased profitability and project throughput.


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About OTAI

We Offer a Range of Advisory Services to Meet Your Needs

Our executive team allows OTAI to participate in every aspect of pre-construction, development, and post-construction services. We're here to guide every project from start to finish. Our reputation and your success go hand-in-hand. 

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There are virtually no limitations to project finance, we thrive in engineering and introducing finance structures that are unknown in the marketplace. Bring us your project and we will generate a no-cost evaluation outlining a very clear path to finance likelihood, timeframe, and costs. 

Active Project Finance ECA's

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